Webinar on The tragedy of starvation and its solution

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November 1, 2021

Hyderabad: According to the Indian Global Hunger Index, starvation has risen from 94 number to 101 number this year. The average citizen of India is not starving to death. People are coerced to break the law to have a single meal. The future lies in the dark as hunger has affected education and has disrupted law and order making peace a far-fetched dream.

At times like these, the youngsters of the Muslim community, upholders of the Din-e-Rehmat, and educated scholars should step forward to show humanity a way out of this crisis through the wisdom and methodology from Qur’an and seerat.

“The dreams of yesterday are the realities of today, and the drams of today are the realities of tomorrow”
Telangana SIO is organising an online webinar themed “The tragedy of starvation and its solution.” for the students of swminaries (Dini Madaris) The webinar aims to provide a platform to students and youngsters from where they can take charge of the destiny of their land and work towards finishing hunger which is eating society hollow from the inside.
Interested participants can contact : 9010836645
Last Date for Paper submission: November 10
Webinar date & time: 12 November, , Friday, After Maghreb.



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