SIO Telangana Calls for Boycott of Selected Israeli Products

Category : State
March 20, 2024

Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) Telangana, has called for a boycott of selected Israeli products in protest of the ongoing Israeli occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

SIO Telangana stated that the boycott is a form of protest against the Israeli government’s policies against the Palestinian people, kept under “belligerent occupation”, which is in violation of all international human rights standards. The organisation has urged all consumers to be mindful of the products they purchase and to choose alternatives.

SIO Telangana provided a list of specific Israeli products, which are a part of the ‘Selective Boycott’, part of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement. This list includes categories of Drinks, Snacks, Food Chains, and Groceries. They clarified that these brands are complicit in the genocide, as they openly support the brutal persecution of Palestinians and provide financial support to the state of Israel.

SIO Telangana strongly believes that the destruction of Gazzan lives has been only possible with the military assistance of the world powers, including the supply from the Hyderabad-based joint venture between India’s Adani Defense and Aerospace and Israel’s Elbit Systems, which is abetting in the genocide of Gaza. State Secretary of SIO Telangana, Mohammed Faraz Ahmed said “As residents of Hyderabad, Telangana, we vehemently condemn the manufacturing and exchange of arms with the state of Israel. We call upon the people of Hyderabad to take cognizance of the matter, boycott, and raise their voices against all corporations complicit in this genocide.”


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