The Justice in governance and Judiciary has to be uphold fought and made available – SIO

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November 14, 2021

Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) on Saturday organised a round table intellectuals meet on the topic “social justice” at Pearl Regency, Lakdikapool. Speaking at the occasion, high court advocate Afsar Jahan stated “Afsar jahan – high court advocate Emphasised importance and meaning of social justice by quoting preamble and constitution ; discusses the draconian laws like UAPA and sedition ; enlightened the inadequacies in 102nd amendment regarding reservation.

” Mr Janardhan, Bamcef and one of the founding members of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) remarked “focus on education is the mainstay answer for social justice.” However, he added that unfortunately educational injustice is more gruesome and alarming. He said that we should work to make governement implement all the recommendations given by “kothari commision” on education of india Education Budget should be made more justified and inclusive.

Furthermore, Uzair Ahmed khan, Advocate of a civil court in Telangana stated: “Optimisation of use if law by the societies and organisations such as PIL and RTE. Countering the criminal justice system of state by fighting a legal battle is the time now for in order to get social justice to masses .such as anti hate speech law; anti mob lynching law etc.

Dr Talha Faiyazuddin president SIO Telangana concluded the meeting saying “JUSTICE as a virtue should be reinstated and imbibed in society in general and individual in specific for that to happen. The justice in governance and judiciary has to be upholded fought and made available. The behaviour of the masses in disha case shows that’s people dont have trust on – judiciary police and governement, demanding instant justice and celebration. Such a massive behaviour in public shows how we as a society perceive justice as a value , as a means and as a right.”


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