SIO aids students startup providing affordable equipment to healthcare fraternity amid covid19

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April 6, 2020

Coronavirus aka covid19 has rattled our healthcare system. Moreso, a relatively less focus on the equipments required for the healthcare professionals to deal with the exponential demand of services during the pandemic has been a subject of discussion these days.

Amidst the ongoing panic of the widespread disease, COVID-19, and the shortage of proper protective equipment to the healthcare workers and the social relief workers, some engineering students from city were exploring ways in which they could contribute to the society with their skills and services in this difficult situation. They kept in touch with the 3D printing communities across the globe and with the inspiration of many, could finally prototype few designs of protective equipment that are quite simple to manufacture and comes as a big savior when there is a shortage.

Abdul Shukoor, along with his team has come up with a simple solution to cater to the growing needs of medical personnel and relief workers viz. face shields and goggles using the 3D printer.

K. T. Rama Rao, Minister of IT Telangana, apreciated this effort and asked the Ditgital Media officials from the state to coordinate with the students in fulfilling the need of medical fraternty & the relief workers.

Dr. Talha Faiyazuddin, state president, Students Islamic Organisation of India, Telangana Zone(SIO) lauded the efforts of Abdul Shukoor and team and announed that SIO is going to award these students with their “Service through Education” 2020 award. SIO has also pledged to contribute to the first 100 prints.

Dr. Talha further requested the good samaritans and NGOs concerned to help these students in this cause.
In face of such a crisis unfolding in all the sectors of life, it is incumbent on the students, who define the future, to serve society through effecient and novel utilization of the Education they have been imparted with. These students lead the way in this regard.

The team says the quote “The hand which gives is better than the hand which receives” by Muhammad (peace be upon Him) has always been an inspiration to them, which finally took a shape of a start-up by the name “Daava 3D Printing Services” soon after their engineering in 2019. They are a group of 4 young graduates, 3 of whom are mechanical engineers and 1 automobile engineer from MVSR Engineering College, Nadergul..
Mohd Abdul Shakoor
Chiluka Karan
Mohd Abdul Ahad
Mohd Talha Adil

Presently, they have 2 designs available:-

Full Face Shield: This is a simple forehead clamp shield, which acts as an additional barrier, to be worn upon the ordinary mask. This is especially meant for those who work in the affected environment, like nurses and social relief workers. The product can be reused again by simply replacing the transparent shield.

Protective Goggles: Eyes are very responsive and can catch many things. Hence, a goggle for protection becomes necessary. This design comes in 16-inch, 17-inch & 18-inch variants to fit all sizes, with an elastic band for the grip.
The material costs of the face shield costs Rs. 100, while the goggles cost Rs. 150/-

Abdul Shukoor and team can be contacted through [email protected] | [email protected]


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