Islamophobic content in School Studey Material to prejudice student’s minds – SIO Telangana demands immediate action against publishers

Category : State
September 25, 2021

8th Class, Social Studies-Real life beyond Study Material E/M TS is creating and propagating stereotypical, hateful & Islamophobic view towards Muslim community, by showing a person holding a “Gun” in his right hand and the Holy Quran in left hand. it is a discriminatory and hateful content which destroys the Harmony, Unity and Integrity of the society.

Dr Talha Faiyazuddin (State President SIO TS) said that “Peace must be infused in the minds of students through Peace Education and Peace Curriculum in Educational Institutions, SIO condemns & demands the education ministry, not to approve such a distracting content and take actions against such irresponsible and propagandist behavior. SIO demands that the Publishers should delete the toxic content and republish the new edition.

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