Activities Begins in MANUU For Students Union Elections

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September 16, 2019

Activities pertaining to Students Union Elections in MANUU gets underway. Addressing a rally in lieu with this, the strong contender for Presidential Post, Shaikh Umar Faruq, said that the reason behind him contesting the Students Union Elections is not any vested interest but it is that of bringing about a positive change in campus politics. He asserted that he would strive hard to do away with interests-driven politics in the university and try his best to establish a nationalism-driven politics, which will play a key role in nation as well as community building. He further said that his priority would be to stand up to the expectations of students and solve their issues in addition to solving those of the nation. He said “revolution is brought about by students and in this forthcoming university elections, students will trigger a revolution thus infusing a new spirit in the elections scenario at national level.Talking about regionalism he said “Muslims also gave sacrifices in the freedom struggle of the nation, then how could regionalism be tolerated in University”.

He said he will bat for doing away with regional differences among the students in the campus and will promote unity among them. He further said that it is this very reason which drove various students organizations and representatives from various regions to come together and establish Azad United Students Federation (AUSF) ahead of elections in 2017. This time around, the AUSF panel is again up to contest the elections putting in all its efforts.

He further said that our slogan is “value based politics”, which drive us to chose the right candidates based on their abilities alone instead of their department or the region they come from – which, we are sure that, would help building a transparent and fearless leadership. And the leadership thus emerges, would become the voice of students and not that of its own vested interests.

We have also given the slogan of ‘academic activism’ which translates to promoting academic environment in MANUU, upgrading academic standard, provision of quality education to students – which is also their right. It also means improving Library facilities for students and promoting constructive debates among students on academic subjects thus changing the whole environment in the campus to an academic environment. Finally the above slogan is also meant at encouraging students here to represent MANUU in international seminars.

With these stated aims and ambitions our AUSF panel approaches you today seeking for your cooperation in strengthening our arms by voting us to form our own union in MANUU on 19th September and hence proving that students at MANUU would not tolerate negative and unethical politics at any cost and any such politics can’t find its roots in MANUU


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