YouthQuake is a good beginning of real battles to be fought on ground. Message By Laeeq Ahmed Khan Aqil

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September 11, 2018

All praises for Almighty, who is most benevolent and merciful. If YouthQuake is successful then its all because of huge bounties showered on us by Almighty. I am thankful to all the volunteers, associates, members and the people who participated in the conference. You guys worked tirelessly in making this conference a grand success. May Almighty reward you all! Aameen.

Dear Friends!! Let us not consider this conference as a real success rather it is only a good beginning of real battles to be fought on ground. The worrying political and social situation of our beloved country is not hidden from anyone. Fascism has taken a grip over the country and large sections of society is reeling under disappointment. SIO’s message can show them a ray of hope. It is evident that upcoming elections in 2019 is going to be based on misleading propaganda and by instilling fear into the minds of majority of the voters. Only SIO can bring the people out of misleading propaganda and engage them in real issues. And this has just begun with YouthQuake organised by SIO Telangana. We have to carry the message of vision, determination, hope and planning discussed in the conference to the grassroot level. Revolutionary struggle is needed at every Unit, at local level, streets and at campuses. We cannot take rest until the message of the conference has reached to every individual of Telangana.

I pray to Almighty for success in our sincere efforts and struggle. Aameen.

Layeeq Ahmed Khan Aqil,
State President, SIO Telangana


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