SIO connects 5k Covid patients with Healthcare facilities

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May 27, 2021

As Covid patients across the country scramble to find oxygen, beds and other healthcare facilities, Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) have organised a nation-wide team of volunteers to connect them with these resources as quickly as possible.

SIO Telangana zone has also launched a helpline exclusively for Telangana. The ‘Covid Relief Task Force’ has over 1000 volunteers spread across the state, who are working round the clock to ensure that Covid patients get oxygen, bed, plasma, medicines, online Doctors consultation and other help they need before it’s too late. Since the launch of helpline, the team has received  more than 7500  requests and has provided verified information about resource providers to around 5000 patients. Moreover online free doctor  tele-consultation is being provided for around 500 covid patients, with 154 doctors team working 24/7 in scheduled shifts.

Call center set-up at State office, Lakkadkot, Hyderabad.

The patients and their attendants convey their requirements through dedicated 24×7 helpline numbers and also via social media, while the volunteers map resources across the state and verify the information about the availability of healthcare facilities. The patients are then connected to the relevant resource providers. A control room has been set up at SIO’s headquarters in Chatta Bazar, Hyderabad to coordinate the entire efforts.

“As a medical student, I aim to serve people who are in need, particularly during an unprecedented crisis like this. It is important to support and take care of each other. I registered to volunteer by seeing a friend’s WhatsApp status,” said Lakshmi Durga, a junior doctor from Hyderabad.

One more doctor expressed his views “Teleconsulation was in its works since the advent of availability of such communication. During the first wave it got legal status and recommendations made by various professional bodies. However during this second wave was my first experience using it in a formal way. It is a very convienient mode of consultation. I had given a comfortable time slot so I could dedicate my time without any distractions. Most of the patients vitals like spo2 bp sugar levels were being monitored by attenders so I was satisfied that patient can be treated at home. As there was no time limit I could spend good time with the patient without worrying about any other patient waiting. The advantage of me signing up with SIO CRTF was that I used to get calls only during my selected time-slot and even my personal number was not shared preserving my privacy. I would like to thank SIO team for giving this wonderful opportunity to serve people in crisis. Even the patients and the attenders very much appreciated and made many duas for the teams effort. May Allah SWT accept our deeds. Ameen” – Dr. Syed Nisaruddin, MBBS (2nd yr PG MD-Psychiatry)

Lakshman, a middle-aged man from Hyderabad, who took medical advice from one of the doctors on board in SIO Telangana told, “I had visible symptoms and was scared. The consultation was very good. The doctor asked me how the symptoms started and all. I took Fabiflu for 9 days but the cough remained bad so the doctor advised me to take an injection to gain immunity. I called again to check if I can go for a retest, hopefully, it turns out negative.”

 “Participating in relief works and contributing to help people in times of need is what ‘real education’ encourages to do. Therefore we at Students Islamic Organisation of India not only educate the students and youth regarding the true purpose of education but also encourage them to participate in activities of welfare and relief and become a contributing personality. The second wave has badly hit India, and in this situation of dire need, we got an overwhelming response from our students youth; we’ve received 1000 registrations for volunteering, for field work as well as desk support. We’ve launched a helpline (07303373374) to assist the people in providing leads of hospital beds availability and any medications, leads for getting oxygen cylinders and their refilling.” Said Dr. Talha Faiyazuddin, President SIO Telangana.

SIO began the exercise on April 30 with 24×7 helpline number. Within days district-level volunteer teams were set up to help people across the state. Over 40% of the requests received by the task force on helpline are for Oxygen, while around 30% are for hospital beds. More than 20% callers sought plasma donations, while the remaining requests pertained to medicines such as Remdesivir and Tozilizumab. Dr Talha further added “These are the times in which any help will be of great benefit to people and a hope. Coming forward realising the responsibility and honoring the dignity of mankind, and contributing is the true reflection of humanity, sympathy and empathy and a great service and life of the society, and I’m proud that the young cadre of SIO Telangana is at the forefront in this holy task.”


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