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December 14, 2019

Hyderabad: To protest against the passage of Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 (CAB) and asking the President of India to reject the bill, a massive protest was organized by SIO Hyderabad, which was attended by people from all walks of life, cutting across communal and party lines. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Talha Faiyazuddin, state president, SIO Telangana called the legislation unconstitutional and illegal. He further added that the government doesn’t have any sympathy with religiously persecuted immigrants but the only thing this government intends is to advance its communal agenda. Bringing a legislation which discriminates a particular community on the basis of religion is against the spirit of Constitution and violates Article 14 of the constitution. By bringing this legislation the government has shown its true colour of fascist Hindutva and is openly purusing policies to establish a Hindu Rashtra.
Speaking on the occasion He urged the President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind to reject this flawed legislation in total. Since the President is the supreme head of the state and with him lies the responsibility of maintaining the government as per constitution and prevent communalization of the government.
The protest was also attended and addressed by many other organizations. The protestors reiterated their will to carry on the protests until the communal legislation is repealed.

Muslims from across the city protested against the bill (CAB) that discriminates against among refugees from neighboring country based on their religion. There were also slogans against a proposed All India NRC like what happened in Assam. Pointing to the fact that onus of proving who is not a citizen lies on government, the protesters urged government and all the political parties to revoke CAB & stop instilling fear and intimidating common man in the name of CAB & NRC. Some of the protesters were of the view that CAB is a plain communal & divisive bill that only invites the refugees from a certain countries. While it is totally against Muslims, it also does not considers the Srikalnan Tamil refugees & the Tibetan refugees most of whom are non-Muslims. The peaceful protest march continued and joined by many a common men & women.



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