SIO Telangana met with Muhammad Ali Shabbir, the Advisor on Minority Affairs, Government of Telangana

Category : Hyderabad
January 23, 2024

A delegation led by the State Secretary of the Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO) Telangana, Muhammad Faraz Ahmed, met with the Advisor on Minority Affairs, Government of Telangana, Muhammad Ali Shabbir, on 23rd January 2024. They congratulated him on his recent nomination to this significant role and engaged in a productive discussion regarding crucial issues impacting education in the state. Muhammad Faisal Khan (Public Relations Secretary) and Umar Shahroz (Secretary) accompanied Mr. Ahmed during the meeting.

The SIO delegation presented a memorandum highlighting key concerns related to education, particularly for minority communities. They emphasized the need for the government to fulfill its promise of conducting a Mega District Selection Committee (DSC) recruitment drive, as outlined in the previous Congress party’s election manifesto. Additionally, they urged the de-reservation of abandoned properties in Urdu medium educational institutions. The delegation pointed out discrepancies between the initial promise of 13,086 DSC seats and the final notification specifying only 5,089 seats. They expressed further concern that out of the allocated Urdu medium seats (670), nearly 480 were reserved for non-Urdu speaking SC/ST and other categories, leaving only 190 seats available for qualified Urdu teachers. This shortage, coupled with the backlog of 535 unfilled Urdu teacher positions from the 2016 DSC notification, threatens to leave hundreds of Urdu medium teaching positions vacant.

The SIO representatives also highlighted the challenges faced by students due to delays in disbursing post-matric scholarships. The lack of timely financial support hinders students’ ability to obtain essential certificates, creating obstacles to pursuing higher education and securing employment opportunities. The delegation emphasized the importance of safeguarding the future of minority residential institutions by implementing the sub-plan promised by the previous Congress government. This plan would provide crucial resources and support to ensure the continued success and development of these vital institutions.

Mr. Shabbir expressed his appreciation for the delegation’s concerns and assured them that he would work towards finding solutions to these pressing issues. He acknowledged the importance of addressing the challenges highlighted by the SIO and pledged to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to implement effective measures. SIO Telangana delegation’s meeting with Advisor Shabbir marks a positive step towards addressing critical education concerns faced by minority communities in Telangana. Continued dialogue and collaboration between the government, educational institutions, and student organizations like SIO are essential to ensure equitable access to quality education for all students in the state.


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