De-reserve unavailable urdu vacancies from recent DSC Notification and implement a Mega DSC: SIO Telangana

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September 24, 2023

Hyderabad, Telangana – The state government has fallen short on its promise to provide 13086 posts for teacher seats in the upcoming DSC recruitment process. The government had initially promised 13086 total DSC seats, whereas the issued notification reveals only 5089 seats in total, with just 670 from Urdu medium. Firstly, the vacancies provided are already under the expectations i.e., not even a half posts are issued which were promised in the assembly. Now, this hindrance also comes with unavailability of seats. Out of 670 seats Urdu medium seats, nearly 480 seats are reserved for SC/ST and other candidates who won’t be eligible for Urdu medium, leaving only around 190 available seats. This shows that a huge vacancy will still be present even after the recruitment, making a wide gap in Teacher to pupil ratio, inturn discriminating Urdu students and community.

This shortfall is a major disappointment to the Urdu medium community, which has been demanding equal representation in the DSC recruitment process for many years. Earlier the DSC notification was issued 6 years ago, and in that 900 posts for urdu were released and a mere 365 posts were filled. There is still a backlog of 535 vacancies which are still unfilled till this day due to unavailability. This shows the double standard game played by the authoritues to discriminate Urdu. A strong feeling is being developed in the community since the authority is not doing the rightly needed activities to promote Urdu education and is discriminating Urdu speakers with unjust practices.
Student Islamic Organization, a leading advocacy group for the Student and Education community, has condemned the government decision and issuance of the decreased and deceiving DSC notification. The group has called on the government authority to immediately release the 535 backlog posts from TRT-2017 and de-reserve the unavailable Urdu medium vacnecies from TRT-2023 and to ensure that Urdu speakers are given fair representation in the DSC recruitment process.
“The government’s decision to fall short on its promise of DSC seats is a major setback, especially for the Urdu speaking community,” said Abdul Hafeez, president of Student Islamic Organization, Telangana. “This decision shows that the government is not committed to promoting Urdu education and is discriminating against Urdu speakers. To ensure Justice is served, dereserving of unavailable vacancies from TRT-2017 and TRT-2023 and to reissue the notification with a Mega DSC should be the immediate way forward.”



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