The ambition of “Bangaru Telangana” can only be achieved through development in the field of education and increase in education budget – SIO Telangana

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March 5, 2022

Hyderabad: India is defined as a ‘Welfare State’ in the constitution, and considering this ideal, it is incumbent on the Government to fulfil its responsibility and deliver its services to make our country a welfare state. Any negligence in this regard amounts to the breach of the people’s and society’s trust.

The expenditure of the State on education is the ultimate indicator of the development plans for the State and future prospects. The investment in Education, doesn’t necessarily give immediate results, however, this investment guarantees the future of the society. This happens by making citizens who are motivated to contribute to the society through education. Thus the number of citizens contributing to the society is directly proportional to the budget allocated for making them, i.e., the education budget.

Even after half-a-decade of the formation of Telangana, the people of our State are still waiting to see the “Bangaru Telangana” we strove for. Unfortunately, rather than gathering pace in the efforts to achieve the vision, there seems to be misplaced priorities which has hindered our progress. The budget allocation at the time of formation of Telangana in 2014-15 was 10.89% of the overall budget. Since then, the percentage wise allocation for education has dropped to nearly half, i.e., about 5.97% of the overall budget of 2021-22. In the last financial year 2021-22, Telangana allocated just 6.8% of its total expenditure for education, which is significantly lower than the average allocation (15.8%) for education by all states.

Dr. Talha Faiyazuddin, State President of Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) Telangana State expressed these views while addressing at a press conference organized at SIO State Office, Chatta Bazar, Hyd. SIO Telangana has proposed a Budget Plan in the various domains of the field of education, to bring light to, and resolve, various issues which burden the State and its people.

Socio-economic-educational backwardness of Muslim community is made clear by various committees like Sachar committee and Sudhir commission and recommendations, who also gave recommendations which when implemented can improve the situation of Muslims. Keeping these recommendations in view, SIO Telangana recommends various policies which should be taken up by the Government and urges to give special focus on these policies and ensuring to add them in this year’s budget plan.

For upliftment and development of Muslim community, SIO Telangana demands that a ‘Muslim Sub-Plan’ be announced for the development and welfare of the Muslims of Telangana. Commissioning a separate Sub-Plan would prevent diversion of funds allocated for the beneficiary and the targeted nature of the schemes would help in uplifting the socio-economic-educational condition of the Muslim community. SIO Telangana also demands that these plans should be immediately implemented all over the state through the formation of “District-Level Muslim Development Boards” across all districts. With souring inflation and escalating price of commodities, and after COVID-19 crisis which hit all people, many student families have lost their income. SIO Telangana demands that the per head scholarship amount be increased and the annual income limit for availing the scholarships be raised. We also demand the effective reaching of scholarship, as about 15 lakh students were affected due to non-release of fee reimbursement amount for the last two years.

Muslim Students both Boys and Girls face many problems in education due to poor infrastructure & inaccessibility to education. In this regard, SIO has demanded the Government to establish hostels for both Boys and girls separately at District level. Furthermore, Technical and Vocational colleges play a significant role to reduce Unemployment, presently we have only 10 polytechnic colleges in 33 Districts. SIO demands that the Government establish a minimum of 1 college in each district.

Development in the field of education is only possible with Universities which provides quality education & better environment, presently we have only 10 State Universities in Telangana, SIO Telangana demands that a State University be established at every district headquarter in a phased manner, with sufficient fund allocations for its academic, infrastructural and maintenance, and also allocate special budget for Research & Development works in Universities.

One of the major problems in state institutions, schools and colleges, is the lack of sufficient faculty members. Many institutions function with a single faculty member, this is not just an administrative failure but a mockery of the poor. SIO Telangana demands urgent recruitment of faculty be conducted and separate budgetary allocation be made in this regard, so that these recruitments can be made as permanent posts.

The goal of education is to encourage students to come up with creative and innovative ideas to solve problems faced by humanity as a whole and improve the world. Young minds should be instilled with the notion of entrepreneurship at the UG and PG levels. For this, SIO has demanded the government to setup “Entrepreneurship Development Centers” at every Government UG & PG Colleges. In addition, Government should also implement schemes like “Dalit Bandhu” to other backward communities for their economic development through new and innovative ideas. SIO urges the government to develop special mechanism in this regard.

Preservation of Telangana’s regional languages and cultures is the responsibility of the State. Since formation, very little work has been done in this field. Preservation of languages can be done only by ensuring the availability of education in those languages even till higher education. SIO Telangana demands that the Government should allocate funds to develop textbooks in the various languages of Telangana, establish educational centers, for this purpose. SIO Telangana also demands that the establishment of 8 medical colleges in various places of Telangana should be completed and admissions should be granted as soon as possible.



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