Student activist of SIO telangana files a PIL in High court for Urdu medium online classes

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October 7, 2020

6th october 2020

To continue education, even during the pandemic, broadcast of online classes on various digital/TV/T-SAT platforms was ordered, a very welcome initiative. Teachers were trained to be able to teach in Telugu using TV and online platforms considering the current circumstances brought by COVID-19. However this proactive move was not fortunate for the non-Telugu medium students, as they were not considered to benefit from receiving education in their mother-tongue.

Urdu speaking community constitutes a major part of the population of Telangana and Urdu is recognized as the 2nd official language of the young state. This being the case, it follows that appropriate measures be taken and Urdu teachers be prepared for the same tasks, furthermore, arrangements should be made for mass broadcast of Urdu classes to benefit the students and families. However, even upon requests from Urdu teachers associations, organizations and students, the government has not taken any initiative in this regard.

SIO Telangana has been studying the case of Urdu medium education in the state. There about 1,50,000 students dependent on Urdu as their medium of instruction. Considering the discrete conversion of courses offered in Urdu in Government Degree colleges into English medium, the ignoring attitude towards the state of Urdu medium high schools, and now disregarding Urdu as a medium for online classes, points to the State Government’s intention of systematically eradicating the language from Education. This needs to be corrected and the citizens need to be reassured, said State President SIO TS, Dr. Talha Faiyazuddin. He also stressed that no matter the number of students awaiting education in their mother-tongues, it is the responsibility of the state to preserve the rich cultures and beautiful heritages of the society, and languages being the first step.

In this regard a Law student from Hyderabad, Abdul Sami, who is also an activist of SIO TS, has filed a PIL to raise this issue of injustice and ensure that online education is also available for non-Telugu medium of instruction. Sufiyan Ali, PR Secretary appreciated the students socially responsible move and encouraged the students and youth of the state to be socially conscious and active.


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