A Discussion on Data Privacy & Digital Presence held at Hyderabad

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September 12, 2022

Hyderabad: The Students Islamic Organisation of India, Telangana state held a Discussion on Data Privacy and Digital presence in Hyderabad. Srinivas Kodali,Technology activist shed light on the development trajectory of digital Andhra and inherent pitfalls with the aspirations of blindly following a particular model of governance. He expounded on the economics and politics behind aadhar and Other digital initiatives. He hailed Puttaswamy judgement as ensuring privacy as fundamental right. He urged the citizens to be vigilant and aware to navigate this complex terrain.

S Q Masood, digital and human right activist shared his experiences on ground. He shed light on cordon and search and random photo clicks by police as increasing instances of surveillance. He raised alarms on linking various data bases and its potential threat. He cited the deletion of ration cards of nearly 19 lakhs which is hailed as success, which was processed without human oversight and proceeded Algorithmically resulted in exclusion. He said poor and marginalised are facing the brunt and warned the surveillance eco system has potential pitfall of transformation into full fledge surveillance society.

Syed Mohammed, a veteran journalist laid out the broader context of the discussion. He explained from census to other data enumeration process and the trajectory of digital presence. Mission chabutra as case of police or state encroaching the lines of engagement and privacy. He urged the youth’s to be more aware.

Kidiyoor Nihal, National Secretary, SIO of India emphasized that technology is fundamentally shifting the balance of power between state and citizens. This should be the central point of discussion. He further said, technology is also catalysing a crisis of attention in society which has deeper manifestation. He concluded there is urgent need for more such conversations for envisioning an egalitarian society under the challenges posed by technological paradigm. Qayammudin, State Secretary set the context if the meeting citing the policy of SIO and Islamic ethos on privacy.

Program was held in media plus Auditorium, Abids on 11th September, from 7 to 9 pm.


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